Free Crochet Christmas Boot Cuffs Pattern

Crochet Christmas Boot Cuffs

Size:  S/M


4 Medium Worsted Weight Yarn

I used Red Heart Super Saver

Colors red and white

Size H crochet hook (5.00mm)


Large eyed needle for weaving in ends

Stitch Guide:

SC = single chain

DC = double crochet

SLST = slip stitch

ST= Stitch

CH = chain

CH2= Chain 2
Let’s Get Started!

Leave a tail about 4 inches long, for weaving in end.

Rnd 1: CH 40 join in the round with a SLST.

Rnd 2: CH 1.  SC 1 in  next 39 ST.  SLST close to the top of CH 1.  Repeat for 11 rows (total of 12 rows), if you would like it longer add more rows to preference.

Rnd 3: Change color and join new color.  CH 1.  SC 1 in next 39 ST.  SLST close to the top of CH 1.  Repeat 1 more time (for a total of 2 rows).

Rnd 4: CH 2.  DC 2 in CH2 ST. Skip next ST.  SC 1,  Skip next ST.  DC 5 together in same ST, repeat until end of row. DC 2 in beginning CH2 ST.  SLST close to top of CH2.



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