Hello My name is Maria,

I want to welcome you to my page. I would like to introduce my self a little for you.  I’m a single mother of 3.  Who at the moment works from home and some how had the idea to start a page in hopes that slowly I can share my hobbies. I’m creative and like to make my ideas come true.  This page will consist in mainly crocheting projects and every now and then some DIY’s.

I started crocheting about a year ago.  It all started with my daughter, she wanted me to make her something in crochet.  Now I had no idea how to do that, it seemed simple enough but in all honesty it wasn’t.  My first attempt was a complete fail.  I was so confused I gave up for a while. During that time my grandmother was very ill and I went to my country to see her. I hadn’t been there in almost 22 years. As I travel to my home town, I saw so many beautiful hand made things.  When I was in my town, as I stared to get to know my family I learn how some traditions where getting lost with the new generation.  It’s really sad.  They make some beautiful stich work and crocheted boarders.  As I came home I decided I would teach my self how to crochet and make my daughter her hat.  It was one attempt after another, fail after fail, but I decided no matter how hard it was, I was going to learn.  And now a year later I’ve made many crochet iteams and I’m still learning everyday. 

I hope that I can inspire others. Thogether we can help each other grow.