Free Easy Crochet Headband Pattern

Free Easy Crochet Headband Pattern

4 Medium Worsted Weight Yarn

100% Cotton

I used Peaches & Creme yarn

Color Rosemary (green)

H 8/5.00 mm Crochet Hook

Headband measures bout 20” around

Stitch Guide:

DC = Double Crochet

SLST = Slip Stitch

CH = Chain

CH3= Chain 3

CHSP= Chain Space

Rnd 1: CH 50, SLST to end of CH, making a circle.

Rnd 2: CH 3, DC 1 in each CHSP (total of 49 DC), SLST to top of CH3, repeat for 2 more rows. (Total of 3 rows)



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